How to prevent my dog ​​from attacking other dogs


The aggressive behavior of dogs can have different reasons. Among them:

  • Lack of socialization with other dogs when I was a puppy.
  • Fear because of a traumatic experience. For example: a fight with a dog that attacked him.
  • That the dog is altered and feels threatened by everything.
  • Inadequate education regarding the relationship with other dogs.
  • Dominance

First measures

If your dog attacked other dogs or suspects that he may do so, You have to prevent those situations. The first thing that is imposed in these cases is the use of the muzzle until you manage to modify their aggressive behaviors.

Basket muzzles are ideal because, if you enlarge the front hole a little, you can reward it with an edible prize as you progress in modifying these attitudes.

Too It is recommended that you use a harness instead of a strap, of those that allow maneuvering with the animal to easily divert it from its object of aggression.

Mistakes you should avoid if your dog attacks other dogs

There are very common attitudes that owners usually have with their pets to try to suppress and amend aggressive behaviors but, unfortunately, usually achieve the opposite effect.

  • Correct it. Your dog is nervous in the presence of another dog and will not understand the reason for the correction.
  • Punish him. Don't yell at him or hit himDo not use collars of punishment, drowning or impulse either. You will only be able to overwhelm him more in the face of a stressful situation.
  • Pull the belt. You can hurt his neck.
  • Take it to a dog park or another place where there are many dogs. You will generate more traumatic experiences.

Solutions so that your pet is not aggressive with other dogs

With a lot of patience you can reduce the aggressive behaviors of your furry towards their peers. Pay attention to the following tips:

  • Be a forecaster. Maintaining a routine will take stress away from your pet.
  • Learn to >

How to leave aggressive behavior behind

When you think you have advanced enough to modify your pet's behavior, ask a friend or family member who has a dog that you are sure will not respond to aggressive attitudes help you.

The idea is that, at a controlled distance and in places that you can handle possible overflows, your furry tries to begin to relate to the other animal in a more normal way, leaving aside aggression.

Do not think it will happen immediately. But, step by step, and day by day, surely things will be normalized and that stigma that your dog attacks other dogs will fade away to give rise to a happy pet that enjoys walks with its owner.

Don't mistreat it

And let's start with the basics: for the treatment the dog receives at home. If he is mistreated, that is, if he is beaten, he is shouted, he is constantly told that no, that everything is wrong, etc., in short, if he is annulled as a dog, if his soul is broken as said one of the defenders of animals best known to all, what will be achieved is that the animal attacks other dogs.

Therefore, you have to treat it well, with respect. Obviously, he will need us to educate him, but not with fear, beatings or strangulation, but with respect and confidence. And also, with a lot of patience and perseverance.

Get used to being with other dogs

Since puppy, and once you have at least the first vaccine, it is highly recommended that have contact with others of your kind, who comes to smell them and even play with them. In this way, he will learn to relate to those of his kind much better than if we were to teach him.

Of course, that does not mean that when you grow up you don't know how to do it, but that you will need help. If it is the case of your furry, always take a bag with dog treats with you and, as soon as you see one approaching you and BEFORE he starts to get nervous or bark, go giving him to associate it with something positive. You have to be very constant and work hard, but little by little you will see how you get very good results.

I hope these tips are useful for preventing you from attacking other dogs 🙂.

Why does my dog ​​attack other dogs?

It is not usual for a dog to attack all other dogs found. This behavior can be due to different causes: inheritance, learning, lack of socialization, lack of leadership on our part ...

Before attacking, it is easy for the dog threatens his opponent. Generally, it is a pseudo attack, in which the dog threatens his opponent without touching him. Such type of action responds to aggressive mechanisms>One dog threatens another by showing teeth and growling. It is a warning signal that usually ends without serious consequences.

Some attacks, however, can take place without prior notice and generally arise because of a dispute in the hierarchical order. The attack without threats in any other circumstance responds to a pattern of abnormal or pathological behavior. In the case of wanting to expel the opponent from the pack, the attack will be of this type (without prior threat) and the submission of the other dog will not be accepted.

The threat, therefore, It is a sign of aggression that your dog uses before his opponent before attacking him. To placate a threat, dogs use appeasement behavior. When the adversary shows the appeasement or submission behavior, or undertakes the withdrawal, it is very rare that the one who executes the threat continues with the attack.

Appeasement behavior aims to decrease the aggressiveness of the opponent. Dogs have different signals for this: giving the front leg, pushing with the muzzle and twist movements are signs of calm. Other forms of appeasement it consists of hiding the expressions of aggression by closing the mouth and facing the opposite side of the adversary. Also sexual behavior can respond to this intention: the dog that exposes its backside to eliminate all signs of aggressiveness.