Feline cleaning: get your cat used to bathing since childhood


The mininos have a well-established reputation for not wanting to know anything with water, beyond drinking it. Although some breeds are the exception to the rule, the truth is that bathing your cat can become an odyssey or an almost impossible mission. We tell you some tricks to achieve it, or at least not die trying.

Bathe your cat, a matter of habit

The solution so that a pussycat is not afraid of water is to accustom it to the bathroom from small. But the truth is that sometimes cats reach our lives and adults or, like many specialists, we consider that these animals are enough to keep themselves clean and, for this reason, we separate from the subject.

It is enough to see the hours a day that these cats dedicate to their grooming, and check how splendid they are, as if to give up the idea of ​​bathing them.

In theory, a short-haired cat that spends most of his time inside a house and has no health problems, can quietly do without being bathed. Things can get a bit complicated for grooming when they are animals with longer hair.

Getting your cat to bathe can be a difficult but not impossible mission. With patience and lots of love, you can lose your fear of water.

When it is essential to bathe your pussy

But there are instances in which there is no other left and you have to face the issue of bathing your cat. For example:

  • Come back very dirty from a walk outside your home -Authorized or not- and his tongue does not give enough for cleaning.
  • It was accidentally stained with some kind of substance which can be toxic if you lick to clean yourself.
  • Have an allergy in your skin that requires more or less constant baths.

It is in these moments that you wonder why you have not invested time is to make your beloved pet lose his fear of water.

How to make your feline friend lose his fear of water

Since nothing is worth crying over spilled milk, you must find a solution and act according to the seriousness of the problem.

If the animal got dirty with any toxic substance, better consult the veterinarian about the optimal way to clean it urgently.

In cases where you don't need to act so expeditiously, you must arm yourself with patience so that the little animal starts losing its fear of water. How to achieve it?

The idea is that your cat manages to associate the moment of bathing with positive and pleasant experiences. For that you must go slowly and step by step, do not act compulsively and, above all, pamper him a lot during the process.

Steps to try to get your cat used to being bathed

Let's start from the basis that Successfully bathing your cat will depend on factors such as the character of the animal or the experiences it has had. Ideally, then:

  • Have prepared in advance the elements that you will need to bathe it.
  • Choose a closed place, the main preference being the bathroom.
  • Use the bathtub or a large fuenton with little water, always warm, so that the animal gets wet only the legs of first intention.
  • If you can get used to this situation, go adding more water until your whole body gets wet.
  • If everything goes well, lather it with a specific product for mininos and rinse it with cu>

Perhaps the points just described cannot be carried out in a single day. Getting to bathe your cat will probably cost you more than three attempts and the occasional scratch.

Alternatives to clean your pussy

The important thing is that you are calm and interrupt the process if the animal becomes very nervous and tries to flee from the situation. Compulsively putting the pussycat in the water will only cause the chances of getting used to being bathed away.

Don't despair if you don't achieve your goal. You can always try other options in cases where your pet resists with nails and teeth to be introduced into the water. For example:

  • Sponges or damp cloths.
  • Sprinklers
  • Products for dry baths, for sale in pet stores.

You will see how in one way or another you and your cat will manage to make it clean and beautiful.