It is experienced to extend the life of dogs


We all want our children dogs to be eternal. Unfortunately it is not like that. The life of our dog children is very short compared to that of an average human, that is why we have to love them without measure and take full advantage of them while they are lent us by a divine being.

Although your dog son will not have eternal life in this world, we in a happy dog ​​want you to get the most out of it, so we show you these 10 simple steps that if you follow, we assure you that your dog son will have more life time in front:

    Keep your dog without being overweight and feed him healthy: Make sure you have a schedule for your dog and try to feed him every day at the same time. Com>

  1. Keep it active: You exercise and your dog too. Taking it out for a run, walk or walk every day will allow your dog to be fit, his blood circulates better and maintains a healthy metabolism.
  1. Let him socialize: Like you, your dog is a social being who cannot be isolated for long. Allowing your dog to be with other dogs will help your mental health a lot. Try to take it to a dog park every time you have the opportunity>
  1. Show affection: If he shows you all his affection, why doesn't he do the same? In order to keep a dog happy it is essential that you show him your daily affection.
  1. Keep your house clean: Dust, the chemicals that are generated from dirt, also affect your dog. Keep your home clean, give it a v>
  1. Build a relationship with your dog: Most likely, your dog will last many years with you, or at least the rest of his v>
  1. Sterilize it: We have already commented on it, the over population of dogs is already very large, and sterilizing your pet not only helps to eradicate this problem, it also helps to keep it healthy and less aggressive.

8. Take care of your dog's teeth: Cavities also affect them, so also take care of their teeth. There are toys and bones that can help you at your nearest pet store, find out.

  1. Let your dog relax: Yes, give it a rest, do not have it with you all day, let it also be independent and have your moments, enjoy your v>
  1. Take it to the veterinarian and vaccinate it: By vaccinating your dog and making sure you take it with the veterinarian you will make sure you catch any disease on time. At least take your dog once a year and thus stay healthy longer.

Follow these tips and we assure you that you can enjoy your dog son much longer. Your life is important, take care of it.

Research to extend the v>

In comparison with us, the life of dogs is very short. When they leave, it seems like a sigh a lifetime with them. We all want to spend a few more years with our furry. Therefore, research has begun to achieve this.

The study took place in Seattle, where they began by testing a substance in dogs that they think can prolong their lives.

The substance in question is called rapamycin It is not something new, since it has been known in hospitals for many years. Other names that are known are sirolimus and rapamune.

This is a main compound in many treatments in people. It is mostly used to prevent rejection of organs that have been transplanted. Also for arterial inflammation and even for some cases of cancer.

Its name comes from the place where it was discovered: Easter Island, or, as the natives call it: Rapa Nui. The bacterium was discovered on this island Streptomyces hygroscopicus, a simple microorganism that lives in the soil and from which rapamycin is extracted.

It seems that this substance has a large number of properties that are not yet known. One of them is that it is capable of regenerating cells in animals. That is, it can prevent aging in these. It had already been tested on fruit flies, mice and worms.

Take care of your diet

As we have said on previous occasions, a rich, balanced diet and in adequate daily amounts favors the proper development of your dog, improves its physical and mental health and prevents the onset of many diseases. Make sure your diet contains the optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Do not forget how important the quality of your food is as the quantity. Always providing adequate amounts at each stage of your life will help prevent overweight and all its derived diseases. If you have doubts about what is the most appropriate food for your dog, consult your veterinarian.

2. Brush your teeth

Think of your pet as a small child: you cannot expect to brush your teeth alone. Y brush your teeth It will make them last longer, improving their quality of life.

Practice moderate exercise

Practicing exercise regularly and moderately contributes to the welfare and improvement of the quality of life of your dog, also preventing many diseases and frequent problems such as anxiety or stress. These problems significantly affect the quality of life of your dog and can shorten its life expectancy. A routine of long walks, games and outdoor activities will make your dog exercise its body and can enjoy benefits both physically and mentally. Have no doubt, the exercise done properly will extend the life of your dog and make it feel happier.


We will not get tired of insisting on the importance of proper feeding of your dog as a source of health. If the pattern responsible for providing energy and nutrients to our friend is not correct, we cannot expect his life to be simple and healthy, the most likely is that inadequate nutrition favors in the short, medium, or long term, the appearance of pathologies.

Do not forget to administer specially made products for pets. The range of specific foods is very varied, and is adapted for all kinds of needs, from the feeding of a sports dog, to that of a pregnant or lactating dog, or a senior animal that needs to consume fewer calories in order not to gain weight. Let yourself be advised and follow the recommendations of the professional, especially those related to food or products that are harmful to your health. If you do, your dog will live more years.

Proper hygiene not only implies obvious health and aesthetic benefits for the dog: its skin, hair, eyes, ears, teeth. they will remain healthy and beautiful for longer, but will allow the pet to be a socially integrated being. And, of course, avoids accidents to himself and the rest of the individuals. This aspect is especially important in the case of some breeds, for example those with long hair, such as the collie, or with long ears, such as the cocker.

3. Races that live longer

Maybe you didn't know, but the truth is that the life expectancy it is longer for small breed dogs than for dogs of large breeds. And it is also longer for cross dogs than for purebred dogs. So if you are choosing a new furry friend, it may be better to adopt one from the shelter than to buy an expensive pedigree dog.

Go regularly to the vet

Going frequently to the veterinarian, and not only when problems arise, can help detect problems in time and prevent diseases or health problems that can shorten the life of your dog. Create a plan of visits to your veterinarian so that he can regularly check his health status and the absence of parasites in his body. Preventing health problems and especially being able to detect them in time will help us enjoy our dog more time.

The game and the exercise

Playing and exercising are two basic for the dog, the animal needs to breathe pure air, strengthen its joints, and interact with external agents (both healthy and pathogens) found in the environment. One of the biggest problems dogs suffer in our society is a sedentary lifestyle. Avoid it with games and walks outside.

Avoid accidents

The best way to guarantee a long life for our dog is to avoid any accident that could put his life at risk. At home remember that there are certain products (such as chocolate or alcohol) and certain things (such as coins or toothpaste) that are very toxic to them and must always be kept out of reach. Outside, do not forget to take your dog always attacked every time you walk through the city, and you should never leave it loose unless it is in a safe area or as long as you know that your dog always comes to the call. It is very important that you identify it by using the microchip (mandatory) and an identification plate with your name and phone number. And last but not least, In summer, never leave your dog inside your car, it could be deadly!

Find out about diseases of your race

Each race has its peculiarities and some of them are more prone to suffer certain diseases. If you have a dog of a certain breed, find out about their most common diseases. As an example, dobermans, English bull dogs or cavalier king charles spaniels often suffer from heart problems. English greyhound or rottweilers are more prone to bone cancer. Being aware of the most frequent diseases of your dog's breed can help you prevent many problems or know how to detect them in time, increasing the chances of extending the life of your dog.

What effect could it have to lengthen the v>

Metabolic attrition is one of the main reasons for aging. The work of rapamycin is to make cells believe that the level of nutrients absorbed by the body is lower so that the speed of metabolism decreases and thereby lengthens life. This is achieved through biochemical changes that it is capable of inducing.

Although in mice it has already been demonstrated, the dog is a much more complex animal, so extending the life of the furry is not so simple.

David Sinclair began the experiment to extend the life of dogs with 32 dogs older than six years. A quarter of the hairy would be medicated with a placebo, that is, they would not receive the original substance.

Although animals do not know the placebo effect, it will influence their owners, so as the weeks go by, David and his team can see reactions in both.

There is still nothing clear about this study, but as it is to be understood, this is not a two-day investigation, but of years. Studying and stopping for a while aging takes time because of its importance.

Watching for the good of the animals, if there were any adverse reactions, the medicine would be removed from the market and the investigation would stop.

So, although we were already starting to get our hopes up, rapamycin has not yet been proven, so we cannot say that it will really be a remedy against aging, or at least a way out to extend the life of dogs.

4. Don't stress your dog

The same stress that makes people more prone to premature aging and disease affects dogs. If you want your beloved friend to enjoy a good and long life, provide a relaxed environment, free from anxiety and stress.

8. Train it well

Besides that it will be easier for you to go for a walk and live with a well trained dogThis can also save your life, especially if you think about what can happen if you let go of the leash or run away from the garden and run towards the road with a car that goes directly to it.

If you have a dog, what other things do you recommend to extend your life? Comment! Do you want that in addition to living a lot is a happy dog? We give you 6 tips to enrich your dog's life.