How can I know if my kitten is blind?


Cats also have vision problems and it is important to know how to know if you have them.

When a cat is adopted, it is possible that the last thing you think about is that you may have vision problems, but just like other disabilities such as hearing loss or a motor problem It can be much more common than you can imagine. What happens, that the fact that a cat has vision problems is not always something that is too obvious, although if you are aware of some signs, you can easily know if your cat has vision problems.

Loss of vision in cats

If it is difficult for your cat to communicate with you, it is likely that he is having vision problems but it is not entirely probable. It all depends on how he behaves and if you are careful enough to determine if Your pet's vision is failing. If your cat starts to meow too much or seems disoriented, he is likely to start having vision problems.

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Easily scared

If your cat is surprised or scared Very easily it is possible that your vision is deteriorating. Your cat it is likely that if you are sleeping or resting and you enter the bedroom where it is without making noise and has not heard you enter- and suddenly he gets scared when he hears you or see a shadow, it is likely that Your eyesight is deteriorating.

He has weird eyes

You can Pay close attention to your eyes in case you see something that is out of place.You may have some extra eye mask that is preventing you from seeing, that you have a problem in your pupils, that is cross-eyed. Maybe your cat has some problem in his eyes that it makes having to fight to be able to focus the vision well. Something that certainly should be uncomfortable, annoying and should make you feel very insecure.

If you discover that your cat has a problem in the eyes, do not skimp on giving him love and affection. He needs you more than ever since he can feel totally insecure because of losing his vision.

Has a strange behavior

It is possible that your cat starts to show something reluctant to walk around it, as he doesn't see you but he does hear you, You may feel some insecurity, you don't know who exactly is around you. You may be afraid of being attacked. This may also indicate that your cat is losing vision.

It's also possible that your cat starts meowing a piece of furniture or doors, Is it possible that he is getting confused with you? Maybe you may also start to walk a little more awkward and bump into things. If this happens, do not ignore this behavior because it is not something temporary or timely, it may be due to a vision problem.

Cats with poor vision will also think twice before jumping, so if suddenly your cat starts to stop jumping or afraid to do so, it is probably because he does not see well in front of him.

The posture of your body can also tell you a lot about whether you have lost your vision or if you are in the process of losing it. If your cat seems to have a lower belly than normal, You are likely to feel worried about how you should move and want to stay as close as possible to the ground to avoid harming yourself.

Is disoriented

If your cat seems too disoriented, is confused or seems to have changed behavior all the time, Vision problems are likely to be the culprits. Your cat could express his confusion and frustration meowing, crying. If your cat meow persistently and even seem to howl in pain, you are likely to be frustrated because of lack of vision.

The persistent meowings too They can be a way to ask for help and help. For example, if your cat gets lost in a bedroom and can't find his way back to the living room, is likely to start meowing insistently until someone is going to help you and guide you on your way.

Have foreign substances in the eyes

You can examine their eyes to look for things that can give evidence of poor vision. For example, if your pupils are especially large even if there is light or your eyes appear discolored, foggy or with telillas they are signs of eye problems.

You may also have some unusual eye discharge, have tearing or sticky substances around the corners of the eyes. If you observe any of these things, it is more than likely that your cat has vision problems and you should go to your veterinarian to examine you more thoroughly.

Your cat's character changes

Bad vision often may cause character changes and temperament in your cat. Can you imagine that suddenly you start to lose vision? How would you feel? Well, exactly it can happen to your cat. If your cat has always had good vision and suddenly begins to look scared and anxious all the time, bad vision can also be the cause of these changes.

If you notice any of these or other different symptoms and you think bad vision can be the cause of your cat not being well, See your veterinarian as soon as possible. These symptoms can point to vision problems, but they can also indicate other serious health problems such as diabetes, infections, hypertension, kidney disease and even cancer. You should take your cat's health very seriously as it is up to you that your little cat is healthy and happy by your side all the time.

Do you notice any of these symptoms in your cat's behavior? Then do not hesitate to go quickly to your veterinarian to be examined and indicate the appropriate treatment.


Best answer: It is not normal for a cat to have red eyes, visit the veterinarian again.

It is very small at a long distance it is normal that you do not see well, but it is easy to know if you are blind, when you are lying with nothing that distracts you, approach and put a finger in front of your eyes and move it from one side to another (should follow with the eyes the finger)