Animals for children with allergies


Asthma is a disease that can also have pets at home. Discover which animal breeds are ideal for living with this disease.

Asthma is a respiratory disease that most affects children. This condition produces a continuous choking sensation, as well as whistling beeps in the chest and difficult breathing. Therefore, having a pet at home often hinders the health status of those who suffer from this disease.

Complicated situation

When you already have a pet in a house and then the baby arrives, the ideal would be that the organism of the little one was getting used to the animal, because this tends to develop a stronger immune barrier. Although not always the case.

However, if we have children with asthma at home and we want them to have a childhood accompanied by their first pet, the first thing we should do is consult with an allergist and a veterinarian. This query is essential, since it will determine what degree of affection the child has and what type of pet is best suited to his condition.

Despite being one of the most common respiratory conditions in children and that is diagnosed every year in a large number of patients, a pet will help the body to create its own defenses and that breathing is less and less difficult. For this there are some types of pets that are perfect for living with asthmatics.

Yes, it is true that some animals aggravate the state of asthma, although in most cases it helps the body itself to improve with its presence and get used to its proximity. Therefore it is essential to know in what degree of difficulty the affected person is, because not for everyone is the same. Although this condition can appear over time due to external causes, such as pollution, or a sedentary life, unhealthy habits and poor diet.

A more traditional pet

Starting with cats and dogs, which are the two types of animals that are most abundant in homes, we should take into account some of the races that are best adapted to your home, as well as children who suffer from asthma will do better. Some specimens that have more hair, that this is bulky, dense and that tends to fall out are not usually the most recommended for living together.

With regard to dogs, among the best breeds to have as pets in these cases, we can find the Yorkshire Terrier, as well as the American Terrier without hair or the Irish Terrier. All of them they belong to the same family that have been adapting to different climates and geographical characteristics.

The first has a small size and longer hair, although the need for periodic care of this ensures that it does not affect the breathing of children. On the other hand, the other two have medium height and short curly hair - in the case of the Irish. They are three of the most affectionate and homemade races that can accompany your child's childhood.

Other dogs that can also count as a perfect pet are the Schnauzer, the Maltese, the Poodle and the Shih Tzu. These four copies have a size between medium and small -depending on the subspecies of each-, in addition to a not very long hair that needs several cuts a year. Chihuahua can also be a great option because of its short hair and activity.

The cat against asthma

In the case of cats, it is best to make a brief selection of felines that have less hair. So we we will prevent them from transporting particles of pollen, dust or that more dandruff forms and that negatively affects this disease.

The best are the elegant Egyptian Sphynx, the Elf cats named for the shape of their ears, the Ukrainian Levkoy and the Russian Peterbald and Donskoy. They all have in common their non-existent fur and its elongated, thin and thin figure. The difference between them is in their origin and in the shape of their face, which in some wrinkles a little more and in others it lengthens, as well as their ears.

Recommendations for dogs and cats

The essential thing in these cases is to keep the environment of children always impeccable and free of particles that may affect their breathing. The best is clean the house more thoroughly, especially with the help of a vacuum cleaner that does not let dust or other allergens escape. If we sweep, we must be careful not to lift hair or mites.

Ventilation at home is very important to help not aggravate this disease, especially if we have a pet at home with children. Avoid if you can carpets or furniture that have an upholstery that is more likely to collect mites and animal hair. It is a routine that we must take into account if we want that children do not suffer an asthma attack if we can avoid it.

Animals must be tried wash them as many times as possible, as long as it is not harmful to the pet's health and does not affect its skin. Sometimes it is enough to soak them, without using any aggressive shampoo, as well as knowing the recommendations of each breed first. We can also brush regularly as a preventive measure.

An unusual pet

Although these following specimens are not related to the most common pets for children, they are the perfect option to avoid more routine control of the areas of the house, as well as the concern to aggravate the disease with their presence alone. These are the pets that will benefit you the most.

Between the aquatic animals We found the fish. In them we can discover a lot of species of all kinds. As long as they are suitable in a mutual coexistence, you can form an attractive aquarium for children and have fun, as well as teach them the basic care of these pets.

The reptiles They can be a very attractive alternative. The turtles are water or terrestrial, and the size to be selected will depend on the type of space you are going to devote. They are quite independent, although they can always be an ideal pet for children. Other amphibious type what we can count on is the frog or the toad, although they are not silent or will not be too still, so a space specially adapted to them is needed.

Chameleons and iguanas are two of the most known species in society as a companion pet. This pair of animals can be introduced into our home so that children learn to care for them, because your skin and your diet are not common. As well as snakes, you have to be careful when selecting the type of specimen.

Dogs for children with allergies

If your child wants to have a dog, it is important to research on animals that are low in allergens. The American Kennel Club notes that some dogs, especially the Terrier family, are low allergen dogs, which means they don't produce as much dandruff as other dog breeds. Schnauzers, Portuguese water dogs, Maltese, Bichon Fries and Chinese Crests are dogs that do not release hair or create dandruff, so they can be considered the most suitable for children with allergies.

Cats for children with allergies

As points out, a division of the Nemours Foundation, when cats lick, saliva dries on the skin and then releases into the air. This is definitely the cause that causes the allergic reaction. A hairless cat can help solve the problem if you have a child who wants a kitten. Sphinx cats are almost complete cats without hair and, although they are expensive, they can solve the problem of allergens in the home.

Reptiles for children with allergies

Reptiles are a good replacement for children who can't have cats or hairy dogs in the house. Snakes, lizards and turtles have no dandruff and are technically hypoallergenic. They can be kept in a separate tank or habitat so they are very clean, quiet and collected. Reptiles also present a good opportunity to learn about animals and their behaviors, simply by observing pets.

Fish for children with allergies

Although having a fish may seem like a definitely boring choice as a pet for many children, it is a great success for people with allergies. Having fish is good for allergy sufferers so, if you think it is the best option for your family, we advise you to buy one, with its supplies and check the emotion that your child feels when bringing home a new pet. You can even offer the little one to keep the fish in his room and allow him to take care of everything on his own. You will not have to worry about allergies.

Birds for children with allergies

Birds, although they may look like pets that are low in allergens, can create dandruff through their feathers. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, if you want to buy a bird for an allergic child, you should look for one that can be kept in a cage and make sure it is kept in good condition. Bird feathers and feces can cause an allergic reaction, so the cage should be placed outside the child's room to make sure the child will not suffer allergies.

Products for the treatment of allergies

In this section we show a selection of products for the treatment of different types of allergies. Purifiers and masks for respiratory allergies, creams for atopic skin among many others and books for food allergies. By clicking on the images you will find below, you can see more about the product and buy it if it is what you are looking for.

Houzetek Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

In the following list you can see the characteristics of this Air Purifier with HEPA Houzetek Filter:

  • HEPA Certified Filter: It is capable of filtering 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, odors, pet dander and formaldehyde.
  • Silent and Purifier 360º: Work without making ru> Pillow Anti-mites 100% cotton Savel

In the following list you can see the characteristics of this Savel 100% cotton Anti-dust Pillow (in different sizes):

  • Medium firmness. Filled with hollow fiber, which allows air circulation inside. Appropriate at any time of the year.
  • Fiber with anti-mite treatment, which imp> Topical solution dogs, cats and rodents Vetriderm of Bayer

In the following list you can see the characteristics of this Topical Solution dogs, cats and rodents Vetriderm of Bayer:

  • Topical solution for dogs, cats and rodents.
  • It effectively reduces allergens that cause reactions in people intolerant to them.
  • It is easily applied with an impregnated cloth, on the sent> Self-filtering particle mask

In the following list you can see the characteristics of this Self-filtering Particle Mask:

    Disposable mask FFP2 NR D that protects against solid particles> Mini Domestic Ozonator

In the following list you can see the features of this Mini Domestic Ozonator:

  • Destroy allergy-causing agents such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • It acts in the prevention of infectious agents that cause colds, flu and constipation.
  • It purifies the particles of tobacco smoke, destroying the causative agents of the bad smell as well as the pollutants of the environment.

Book: Celiac disease, food intolerances and allergies

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  • Collection: HEALTH AND V> Dreamzie Hypoallergenic Anti-Mite Mattress Protector

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  • It includes two sizes of nozzles, for children and adults.

Dexeryl cream 500 ml (atopic dermatitis or ichthyosis) DUCRAY

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  • Cant> Reishi de Vegavero Extract for Immune System and Allergies

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Analysis performed on dogs and asthma in children

To carry out the tests, we worked with three groups of mice: one exposed to RSV, a group fed with dust from houses with dogs and then given the virus, and a virus-free control group.

Individuals exposed to dust did not show symptoms of the effect of viruses, such as inflammation and mucus production, in addition to gastrointestinal disturbances.

The consequences of these analyzes are clear: the microbes in the dust associated with dogs can colonize the gastrointestinal tract and create an immune response and protect the host against the pathogen causing asthma. These tests are a first step in the localization of microbial species that protect against this respiratory pathogen.

With regard to cats, similar results have not been achieved in households that have one of these cats.

Dog hair is good for asthma in your child

Contrary to what is usually thought, the animal's hair is not so guilty in the allergies suffered by household members. It is more likely that these problems are caused by skin scales, saliva, traces of urine and even the feathers of domestic animals. Although hair is no problem directly, it can accumulate dust mites, mold and other agents that can cause allergy.

Solutions for asthma in your children

One of the possible solutions to relieve allergy symptoms are air purifiers, because they use filters that remove particles that are in the atmosphere, including animal dander. A study on the use of air filters in the bedroom yielded surprising data, as it can be surprisingly reduced allergens that come from cats and dogs.

When there are young children at home with asthma, when considering the possibility of having a dog, very negative effects are expected. However, although it is true that most dogs produce and release particles called dandruff or pollen that can be harmful to people with asthma and allergies, there are some breeds of dogs that produce it to a lesser extent, even being beneficial for asthmatic children.

In a race analysis we can find the Yorkshire Terrier, Irish Terrier, American Terrier, Maltese, Chihuahua, etc. Although these benefits have been proven, if the child has a highly developed asthma, it is best to consult the veterinarian before introducing the animal at home.


It is popular belief that these little dogs are attributed thequality of healing asthmatics. Although some benefits may occur, the total cure has not been scientifically proven although most pulmonologists do not rule it out.

Throughout the Internet it is easy to find different places where asthmatic patients grateful to their Chihuahuas share experiences About this belief, they even recommend these dogs as the ideal pet for homes where there are children with asthma, as the benefits will be evident after a while.

Chihuahuas measure between 15 and 23 centimeters and weigh from one to three kilos. Among its most outstanding features is its very rounded head, apple-shaped, its pointed ears and a very long tail that is usually always arched or placed in a semicircle with the final tip directed towards the spine.

Discover the most suitable species for children with asthma

Although share the house with a pet It constitutes a tremendously positive unique experience for all family members - especially for the little ones, who learn concepts such as empathy, responsibility, etc. - there are some circumstances in which welcoming a furry is more complicated. And we are not referring to economic issues, but to those children who suffer asthma –In the United States, the number of people affected amounts to 9 million.

With such a starting point the time has come to ask if our son can have a pet, of what kind, what premises should be followed and other issues. Do not worry, today we try to solve all your doubts. Before entering into greater vicissitudes we will focus, yes, on the condition itself.

Thus, asthma is characterized by chronic inflammation of the respiratory mucosa and manifests itself in the form of an allergic reaction with some of these symptoms: tearing, coughing, congestion, shortness of breath, rapid and noisy breathing, among others. Some episodes that could trigger the presence of a "little appropriate" animal. Discover which are the most recommended species.

Pets for asthmatics

Turtles: both aquatic and terrestrial. The interaction, of course and the same as with fish, is not the same as that offered by a small animal, but they are also curious beings that will favor the child to acquire responsibilities.

Fishes: Although initially they may seem boring pets, looking at them has sedative effects, it is beneficial for health and will teach the baby of the house to fulfill some tasks and to commit.

Iguanas, toads, chameleons and snakes: They are an interesting alternative for the most curious children. Of course, keep in mind that they require a terrarium and specific care that you should know a priori. Regarding the offense, choose a harmless one and don't do it until your child is at least 11 years old. In any case and if we are going to opt for a reptile, we would recommend you the iguanas, very affectionate.

But nevertheless, being asthmatic does not necessarily mean giving up dogs and cats, because not all patients experience allergies to animals, but, according to data, the percentage of those affected is 30% - compared to 10% of the general population. That is, there is a large 70% of asthmatics who would not harm, at all, having a hairy at home. In addition and in general terms, what usually causes the attacks is not the animal's fur, but the dandruff that secretes its skin.

Hairless cats

Regarding cats, you should opt for one without hair since, the problem comes when they are licked and saliva dries on their skin and is released into the air, causing the allergic reaction. The Sphynx, the Donskoy, the Elf cats, the Ukrainian Levkoy, the Peterbald and the Bambino are some races that fulfill this characteristic.

Now, if you choose one of these last two pets, it would be advisable to carry out some preventive action guidelines how:

Avoid entering the bedroom.

Bathe him once a week.

Clean the house very regularly (especially the floor and those surfaces where hairy rests like sofas, chairs and the like).

Use a air purifier High efficiency for particles and ventilation filters, which will help eliminate airborne allergens.

Wash your hands immediately afterwards and touch it.

Avoid carpets and other accessories that can accumulate mites.

Obviously and before acquiring any copy, consult with the allergist and the vet. Of course, you should know that the latest research carried out in this regard suggests that those babies who live with dogs and cats from a very young age have less risk of allergies to them. Do not deprive your child of the wonderful experience of having a pet.

The best pets for children with asthma is a tip for General Topics, and talks about General Topics.

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