The world's ugliest animals


Ugly Animals PS - Kerryn Parkinson / NORFANZ

Hey humanity! We are saving the pandas, but these ugly critters deserve some attention.

In 2016, the entire humanity could pat itself on the back. The IUCN, the international organization that each year prepares the list of animals in danger of extinction in order to raise awareness of the risks of biodiversity, removed from the list of species about to disappear from giant pandas.

That is very good, we will not say no. In addition the pandas with their black spots and their way of eating bamboo are so cute that we must protect them. But the world is full of tens of thousands of animal species. And most are not as 'huggable' as pandas. In fact, there are some that are unpleasantly ugly. but that also have a fundamental weight in the maintenance of biodiversity.

Ugly Animal Preservation Society is a British association that since 2012 has been dedicated precisely to promoting the conservation of these outright ugly species. And they do it using the same tricks that an ungrateful human uses to flirt: if you're ugly, at least be funny. This association organizes monthly shows in different cities in which, through monologues and jokes, they explain the situation of some fey animal. From them then comes an animal that is collected as a pet in each city, which is responsible for promoting their survival.

Simon Watt, a British biologist and disseminator, is in charge of this kind of biologist ship. "The crisis in biodiversity continues year after year, and unfortunately many times we do not pay attention to animals that are not beautiful or that are difficult to empathize with. We considered it a great problem that had to be addressed," Watt tells Epik. With him, we will go through a list with some of the ugliest animals in the world and that they have been responsible for sponsoring.

The blurry fish, officially the ugliest animal in the world

The smeared fish (Psychrolutes marcidus), or drop fish, was chosen by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society as the ugliest animal in the world after an internet vote in 2013, which also served to make this fish its official logo. As you can see, it is the opposite of a panda.

He lives at great depth and his flesh is practically jelly-like, which means that when he has been photographed outside the sea when he is captured, he has the "miserable" appearance that is ideal for "wondering in front of him if we have really had a bad day", according to Watt's organization describes it.

Unfortunately, this animal lives in an area where lobsters are also found, which causes that when the fishermen try to hunt them, many smeared fish are also taken along the road.

The Swinhoe turtle, a little cute turtle

The Swinhoe turtle, or Shanghai soft shell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei), is a species that lives in China and is the antithesis of its gender mates. Its shell is soft, it has a pig-shaped nose, and worst of all, there are only three specimens alive in captivity.

"I know that throughout my life I will see many animals become extinct, but this is probably the first," Watt tells us.

The naked mole rat that is immune to everything

Also known as farumfer, shaved raptin or heterocephalus, this unique rodent lives in the horn of Africa. It's literally like a pretty nasty naked rat.

Roman Klementschitz, Wikimedia Commons'), return false, ">

Roman Klementschitz, Wikimedia Commons

He lives underground and is hard to see (that's why he probably goes naked without problem everywhere), but although his appearance can pull back this bug can have several doors open for science. Some studies are currently investigating their cells because they appear to be resistant to cancer, and further research has shown that their skin has a composition that makes it immune to various types of pain. Come on, he's a superhero. Ugly, but superhero.

Adrien Brody of the monkeys

Ugly Animals PS

The proboscis monkey or Nasicis (Nasalis larvatus) lives only on the island of Borneo (Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia) and has a nose of those with personality. If you have wondered how Adrien Brody has been able to be with Elsa Pataky or the Lara Lieto model, this monkey can give you the answer: his resounding nose is the result of a sexual evolution derived from the fact that females of his species preferred males with the nose more big.

The purple frog with a pig's nose

The purple frog of India spends almost all the year in the subsoil and looks like a gym cycling that has left the steroids. As a result of his lifestyle he was not discovered until 2003. He is considered endangered because he is confined to a small area, and the forests he lives are being cleared to make way for the farms