The American Bully, Dog With Muscular Body, Athletic, Strong And Powerful


The American Stanford and Pitbul are races with a common origin that is located in the early nineteenth century. The official name of the Pitbull is “American Pit Bull Terrier”(APBT). Both races have a very similar character and physical appearance. The American Stanford was created as a family dog, while the APBT was created as a working dog.

In general terms, the one that best suits the purpose we want to assign is better.

American Stanford to give away?

On the Internet you can find opportunities in which some American Stanford owner is forced to part with his pet and gives it in exchange for good care.

In any case, before accepting the gift should consider whether we are willing to accept the responsibility of providing the care and activity that the American Stanford requires to lead a healthy life and well-being.

What roles does an American Stanford need?

Royal Decree 287/2002 develops the law of possession of potentially dangerous animals. Among them is the American Staffordshire Terrier, that is, our American Stanford. In addition, the legislation corresponding to each autonomy must be taken into account.

To have an American Stanford in our house we must be in possession of a license and follow some security measures.

We must carry the license whenever we go out with our American Stanford.

To obtain the license we must be of legal age. We must prove that we have not been convicted of certain crimes, nor have been punished for serious or very serious offenses. We must have physical capacity and psychological aptitude. Finally, we are required to have third party liability insurance for damages to third parties with a coverage of not less than 120,000 euros.

The security measures to consider are:

  1. Wear proper muzzle,
  2. Driving and controlling the dog with a non-extensible chain or leash less than 2 meters in length.
  3. Each person can only drive one animal.
  4. If they are in a delimited place outdoors, they must remain tied or in closed rooms.
  5. If we are dedicated to breeding, training or marketing, facilities and facilities must meet specific requirements.
  6. If the dog is stolen or lost, the Municipal Registry of potentially dangerous animals must be notified within a maximum period of 48 hours.
  7. These dogs should be> What should an American Stanford eat?

The American Stanford, like any dog, can eat any dry feed, wet food or raw diet among the innumerable varieties of dog food on the market.

The best advice can be provided by veterinarians and breeders of this breed. Once we get an American Stanford we will inform the breeder who has provided it. Next, we have to take it to the veterinarian for the first vaccines and general review and to advise us about their diet and the procedures to be performed.

How to educate American Stanford?

Educating American Stanford, as with any pet, requires three stages.

The first stage is before our pet comes home. It consists of arranging the places where the dog rests, eats, drinks and, if it is a puppy, does its physiological needs.

The second stage covers the first weeks of living together. During this time, it is important to create the link (play, pamper, caress, walk ...) and avoid acting violently or playing violent games. From the moment you enter the house you have to take the first steps in your training.

It is also important that you learn what is due and what not to do, as well as where certain things should be done (eating, sleeping, physiological needs, ...).

The third stage is street behavior and physical exercise. On the street you have to control how you interact with other dogs to avoid problematic behaviors.

As a basic rule, any stimulation of aggressiveness must be avoided.

Given their great physical capacity it is advisable to train them in the game, for example, with flying discs and balls.

What are the American Stanford like? What are American Stanford dogs like?

American Stanford dogs are well educated and attentive and affectionate towards people.

Always seek the approval of your caregiver. This makes him able to channel possible aggressive behaviors.

It is very versatile dog. It can be both company and work and enjoy the game.

At home they like to be taken into account and to be paid attention.

The characteristic that responsible breeders seek to develop in the breeding of the American Stanford is the stable and balanced character. At home they will feel comfortable with both their caregiver and other family members.

As worthy members of the Terrier group they have a determined, energetic character and are very active.

How to differentiate an American Stanford from a Pitbull?

Differentiating an American Stanford from a Pit Bull is not too easy. We can pay attention to the clearest aspects:

Size: While both are medium-sized, the Pitbull (48-53 cm tall) is slightly larger than the American Stanford (46-48 cm). As for the weight, the Pitbull (up to 27 Kg) is less heavy than the Amstaff (up to 27-35 Kg).

Jaw: In the Pitbull it is wide and deep, while in the American Stanford it is of medium length and ends under the eyes.

Tail: In the American Stanford the tail is short, thick and fallen. In the Pitbull the tail reaches the hocks and when it walks it keeps it aligned with the back.

Ears: In the Pitbulls the ears remain erect and in the American Stanford they remain raised but fallen in half.

Description and characteristics of the American thug.

There are several categories of American Bully: "pocket", "classic", "standard", "extreme" and "XL" that differ in size and weight. The smallest American Bully measures 33 cm and reaches up to 57 cm for the largest category. Its weight can vary from 15 to 50kg for the same reasons.

Everyone has short, shiny hair. Whatever the variety, the American Bully has a muscular, athletic body and short and short legs. It is also recognizable by its equally muscular and imposing head and small raised ears. His jaw is powerful.

Origin of the American thug

The American Bully was created very recently in the United States. It is the result of several crosses between the American Staffordshire-terrier, the American Pit Bull and other breeds such as Bulldog. His career is not officially recognized internationally.

Character and behavior of the American aggressor: who is it for?

Behind his mastiff look, the American Bully is a loving and faithful dog, very attached to his master. He can't stand loneliness. It is also a relatively stubborn dog that requires a firm education and is better suited to a teacher who has a good experience of the dog breed.

The American Bully shows great patience and tenderness with children. As long as you impose rules of life and respect between this dog and the children, it will be the ideal companion for them.

On the other hand, cohabiting the American Bully with other pets in your family is not always easy, so it is not recommended unless you have been used to it from an early age.

It is a very good watchdog without being aggressive.

How to care for your American Bully: your needs.

The short hair of the American Bully does not require any particular maintenance. Brushing once a week is enough to keep it shiny.

He is a dog, even if he is not a great sportsman, who needs to take long walks (ideally up to three per day) and games. You can live quite well in a home without outdoor spaces.

The American Bully is not officially part of the categories of dogs considered dangerous that require a mandatory detention permit, due to the non-recognition of their breed in France. However, given your ancestors that fall into these categories, it is advisable to keep your American Bully at bay and gag during your walks.

Everything you should know about the American Bully

This breed is relatively modern since its first specimens were seen there by 1980. It was recognizedin 1990, not running the same fate on the part of all international canine organizations, since for some it is a mestizo or hybrid.

However, the American Bully is recognized as a breed by the United Kennel Club, the ABKC and the American Canine Hybrid Club.

If we go back to the recent origins of these dogs of moloso type, that are North American and that have a truly stunning appearance, We can say that his first copies were seen in cities such as Virginia and Los Angeles, born from the crossing of the pre-existing races to which we have already alluded. Today they have become very attractive dogs for a certain sector of the public worldwide,

In principle it can be said that the mother breed was the American Pitbull Terrier and that certain breeders identified their own physical characteristics and differentiated from APBT. Undoubtedly, a unique appearance with which they began to work in order to reach the definition and reproduction of such features.

In the 90s, enthusiastic breeders of these dogs continued to strive to define and improve this breed, setting in those years the definitive guidelines regarding the appearance of the American Bully.

Therefore, we are talking about a selective breeding that resulted in balanced dogs that know how to empathize with their surroundings and that have little to do with the dangerous animals that some believe they see in them.

The different breeds of dogs that were mixed made them see the American Bully specimens of different versions: standard, classic, pocket and XL size but only the standard is recognized as a pure breed.

Characteristics and physical features

With a height at the cross that oscillates between 45 and 53 centimeters in the standard version, which has a weight of between 20 and 30 kilos, the American Bully is a dog robust and strong. In relation to its physical structure, it has the honor of being the race that accumulates the most muscle. Its size is medium, there is not much difference between its height and length. For this reason, its appearance is more fortified and compact.

His head it's impressively wide and his ears They are somewhat short, although in some copies they are long. His eyes They are usually dark, admitting any color except blue. His snout It is solid, rather square. Your jaw It is wide and powerful, occupying much of the bone structure that makes up the front.

His shoulders they are strong and her breasts They are wide, a characteristic that in this breed is very marked. It's tail It is not too long in relation to the body. His overstretches They are noticeably separated.

His legs they must be straight and without deformations, but it can be accepted that his feet tend to go a little outward, being very large and round.

Color and fur

There are copies of many colors, but most have a characteristic white spot on the front. Albino or Mérlé colors are not accepted. Her hair is short.

The Bully that is known as American Bully Blue, as the name implies, has a particular and precious grayish blue tone whose beauty is spectacular. Therefore, many of his followers strive to get a copy of this fascinating color. The mixture of it and its muscular tone captivates those who see it. Its presence seems to denote that we are facing a wild animal that, on the contrary, is most noble and has a look with which it seems to convey all the tenderness of the world.


They look like the bad guys of the canine world, but nothing is further from the truth, since behind their arisca and rough appearance hide some big guys that often become extraordinary pets, so that you only need to be well educated.

If you want to adopt an American Bully, the secret for you to get along is phenomenal, repetition and a fundamental aspect, knowing how to create a powerful union between caregiver and dog.

Surprising is the way he knows how to adapt to family life, as this is one of his specialties. A well-bred American Bully will provide you with many satisfactions. If you socialize them correctly, you will have a copy brave, relaxed, confident and self-confident.

You may be wondering where the fame of aggressiveness that many blame this dog comes from. We are not going to deny that your face is angry with few friends, because we are not facing a yorkshire. Now, for an American Bully to become aggressive, some of the following premises must be met:

  • Feeling threatened or even worse, considering that it is the owner who is being threatened
  • Being provoked by other dogs, particularly in the case of males that are more territorial
  • If you are not educated in a calm but disciplined way
  • If not exercised enough, which will lead to an accumulation of energy that will cause it to become destructive

As we have been saying, the character of this dog has not been left to chance but has worked hard to achieve a muscular and strong pet that is at the same time worthy of total trust, thanks to its loyalty. You may not know the fact that it reaches the point of having touches of fun in living together and there are even those who see him a clown when it comes to moving.

Families who decide to integrate one of these dogs in their home, tend to be delighted with their decision, since this It is a dog very attached to its owner and very affectionate also with the rest of his.

Their need for physical activity makes them better adapt to the spacious environments in which they can expand at their leisure, which helps them to channel their accumulated energy and avoid overweight problems that otherwise tend to suffer.

In the event that you have a house with a plot, the races that you will give for it will contribute to your exercise, since this dog has a large muscle mass that does not allow you to accompany you in cross-country races and resist with you (because the weight transporting by itself is already a substantial effort), but you do need to exercise until you end up tired. If you do not have a home of this type, approach it to a park where you can run at pleasure.

People of all ages, provided they are in good physical condition to provide them with the activity they need, are suitable candidates to live with these Sociable and affectionate dogs.

Regarding the character that the owner of an American Bully must have is another matter, because this intelligent dog is advised for people who understand the psychology of the dog and the way in which it behaves within the pack. So, you will need a calm but firm and inflexible master, which is also consistent. A person who knows how to be the leader of the pack and follow a behavior and rules.

Some of its main qualities are those of being dogs that are easy to train and take care of, the fact that they do not usually look for problems in the presence of other animals and being active until satiety.

American Bully doesn't like to spend time alone, so this is a circumstance that you should assess if you are considering its adoption. For these animals to be really good they must feel that they are given enough attention every day. To ensure their emotional stability, their caregivers must be attentive and affectionate towards them.

The American Bully are not lonely dogs and you will be pleased to see the way they approach you while you are doing any daily work at home, because what they want is to feel your closeness.

As a curiosity we want to mention that the American Bully breed is not directly included as a PPP breed in Spain, although the truth is that since it is a hybrid of two PPP races, it is considered as such. Avoid economic sanctions having a Potentially Dangerous Dog holding license, using the muzzle in public places and signing liability insurance.

Relationship with other pets

The Bully usually shows one of its best faces with the rest of the pets that live in the house. Knowing his physical qualities out of series, this dog usually control their movements properly so that smaller animals are not injured, which is touching.

Relationship with children

An American Bully socialized since puppy can have a excellent relationship with children, because it is a race one hundred percent endearing with the smallest of the house. With them they waste affection and patience, forming an exceptional binomial. Besides, his protective instinct will be telling you that you have left them in good hands.


Surely you are aware that the health and good looks of your dog are directly related to their diet. As a puppy, this breed needs a dose extra calcium in the diet that you dispense every day, because compared to other dogs of the same stature, the Bully will hold more weight, so he will need an adequate development of his bones.

Once he has reached his adult stage you must continue feeding him with a dry feed of quality to which on some occasion you can add the pates or cans that you will find in the market, whose protein content is high.

In general it must be a balanced diet that, together with the necessary daily exercise, will make your dog healthy and happy.

As it may seem, some unscrupulous people have included steroids in the diet of Bully in order to increase the size of their muscles. This technique is considered very cruel, and can have a negative impact on the health of an animal that will not even have the possibility of manifesting that it feels bad.

The one we bring in our hands is a very clean dog that will be delighted that you have a daily routine that helps you stay neat and that includes taking away the legañas when you wake up every morning.

Dental hygiene

Every healthy dog ​​has a clean mouth. It is essential that you accustom your Bully from puppy to periodic toothbrushes that prevent the accumulation of tartar on the surface of your teeth. Nobody says that this habit will be to his liking but what we can assure you is that with him you will be contributing to his good state of health.

A mouth that is not clean enough is the ideal setting for the dreaded periodontal disease that, if progressed, will cause loss of teeth and weakening of the jaw.

By keeping your dog's mouth clean you will also be contributing to avoid serious diseases at the heart, kidney or liver levels, which can serve as a reference to assess the importance of this measure.

On the other hand, an owner who does not know what is essential for proper dental hygiene can ignore his symptoms, until they are so obvious that there is hardly any solution.

Bath and drying

The short hair of the American Bully is very bearable for its owners, since it does not require further care. You can bathe it around once a month and it is important that you do it with a special shampoo for dogs whose pH is similar to that of your skin, that is, a pH7.

Once you take him out of the bathroom, he proceeds to remove the excess water with a towel and ends up drying it in the sun in good weather or with the help of an electric dryer at a moderate temperature, when the thermometers descend. With this gesture you will avoid bad odors and irritations on your skin.

Do not forget that it is essential take care of American Bully's wrinkles so that they are as clean as possible and, in addition, very dry, which will cause you to not suffer from dermal diseases or irritations that involve having to visit the veterinarian.

Bully's hair is short, but requires some care. Nothing like a good brush every morning to keep your hair clean and shiny, removing traces of dirt and dead hair.

Vaccines and antiparasitic treatments

The American Bully is a very strong dog by nature, which is not an obstacle for its owners to have the possibility of strengthening their defensive or immune system by administering the doses of vaccines that the veterinarian indicates.

The canine vaccination calendar is designed for the establishment of preventive measures in both puppies and adult dogs against certain infectious diseases.

Vaccines are for stimulate the defensive or immune system before the invasion of microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, causing numerous diseases. The dose is introduced into the dog's body through an injection or other means, increasing the protective response. Once the animal is exposed to the microorganism, its immune system will be prepared to prevent infections or reduce the severity of the disease in question.

Ticks, fleas and intestinal worms are parasites that must also be kept at bay in pets. Check with the veterinarian what are the antiparasitic pipettes or collars more suitable to protect yours.

More common diseases

The ideal thing is to know what are the diseases that in the future can affect your dog in order to discover its symptoms in time. Bullies, despite being very strong, can get sick like any other breed. Although they do not usually suffer from inherited pathologies, isolated cases occur.

  • Hip dysplasia. A typical disease of large dogs that affects Bully, which does not have a large size but with a powerful musculature and, therefore, with a considerable weight. When recharged, the joints become inflamed and problems arise in various parts of the body, which includes the hip.
  • Otitis. Ear diseases are not alien to these dogs either. Without being serious, this medical condition is very annoying for the animal.
  • This dangerous viral pathology is very infectious and attacks the central nervous system, and can end the life of the dog. Although today most cases occur in less developed countries, you should vaccinate your American Bully against such a lethal disease.
  • A contagious pathology that this dog can suffer whenever it is exposed to the virus that causes it, so vaccination is equally essential to avoid it.
  • Bullies skin rashes are usually caused by allergic reactions, which may be food or other. The ideal thing is to find the cause that motivates them and eliminate them from the dog's environment.
  • This dangerous pathology, which is not spread to people, is of viral origin and usually affects puppies. Failure to treat it can end the life of these little ones in a few days. The vaccine is the remedy to prevent infection.
  • A disease that causes skin and visceral infections, which clearly manifests itself in the skin of dogs affected by it. This ailment ends up knocking them down over the years, so you have to use products such as necklaces that keep away the mosquitoes and phlebotomes that cause it.

The ones we just related are the main pathologies that can affect Bully. When an animal is adopted, even if it is not prone to get sick as is the case of this breed, you should be aware of any symptoms that indicate that something is not going well in your health, going to the veterinarian's office as soon as it is believed to be necessary.


These cute bullies need to walk a minimum of twice a day. These walks should consist of intensive exercise days through which you can stimulate your physique and your mind.

You'll have to show patience to educate him, but be smart dog will know how to compensate you with great results. He will be attentive to learning tricks and it will not cost him to obey and learn in due time whenever you use positive reinforcement.

Bully's early socialization is vital so that the risk of fighting with other dogs when they are older is reduced. Now, the right thing is to train him until he gets a high level of reliability that allows you to have control of the situation in the event that on occasion you get to fight.

As we have been saying, this big guy will come into your life to make things easy for you. As a watchdog, it will be priceless, quickly alerting you to the presence of intruders.

Be the owner that your American Bully deserves. If you understand some dogs everything will be much easier. The key is in the definition of limits. To relate successfully to your dog you must make it clear from the beginning that the owner and the rest of the members of his human family are above him in the hierarchical order of the pack.

American bully features

He american bully It is not an ancient race. It is the result of selective breeding and was established in the 1990s. Crosses were made between dogs of different breeds: American pit bull terrier, American staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier and English bulldog.

It was intended to obtain a loyal, calm and very stable dog. The result was optimal because it is a very balanced race that gets along very well with children and the whole family. They are muscular, medium in size and very active. They are very intelligent dogs that with the proper training are able to perform numerous activities.

American bully puppy education

Since the puppy comes home we must adopt habits to gradually educate him. You should not consent to any puppy, nor allow them to have behaviors that we do not want to grow up. Get on the couch, bite the slippers.

Be constant and always use positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement consists in rewarding positive attitudes. A simple "NO"It is enough when you do something you do not approve of. Do not shout or use violence with the puppy. In addition, puppies under 4 months of age should only worry about playing and growing.

It is important to let our puppy carry out its socialization process with other animals, with people and even with the environment itself. Is about the basis of their education since this will make him a stable, sociable and fearless dog in his adult stage. If there is another educated and balanced dog at home, it will help us teach the new house rules.

Play with him and have him walk and run when he has his first vaccines administered. This will gradually gain resistance and grow strong and healthy. With the passing of the months you can start with the training. Start with the basic orders of obedience.

Basic Training Orders

Educating a dog is not just teaching him to give the paw. We must educate him to behave properly on all occasions. That he behaves well at home, on walks or in car trips will make the life of both your dog and the whole family more comfortable and enjoyable.

We must make the dog feel One more of the family. You have to feel useful and loved. You have to spend time, especially during its growth. You can read our articles on Basic Orders for Dogs and Training Guide-Basic Level. You will find all the basic orders and tricks for any dog ​​breed.

Attending the call or sitting down are basic orders that every dog ​​should know. Make sessions of between 5 and 10 minutes With your dog every day. It is also important that you teach him to walk by your side and not to pull the belt. They are behaviors that if we do not eradicate young people are difficult to rectify.

The american bully is a very intelligent dog, if you dedicate time and make training sessions enjoyable and fun your dog will quickly learn. Be patient and be constant.

Advanced Orders

Once you have taught your American bully the basic behavior orders you can introduce other routines. Teaching him tricks such as playing dead or barking when you say "talk" are examples of advanced orders that you can teach your dog. They are not specific orders, the variety of activities depends on your imagination.

The american bully is a very active dog. All the activities you do with him outdoors will enchant you. Teach him to go with you by bike or run with him. You can download the PDF Dog Training Manual to learn more about dog training and teach your American bully new things.

Exercise, swimming and games

A strong and fit American bully needs to exercise. In addition to the usual walks and exits you can incorporate activities that your dog will love.

    The swimming It is a very complete exercise and dogs love it. Let him swim and play with him in the water but always taking into account his resistance. Let it out of the water when he cons>

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