How to adapt a house to cats?


The cold is coming and it is very important to know that there is what to do to protect your cat.

The pet, since arriving at home, becomes a member of the family. From that moment we will want the best for her, give her a good diet, enjoy excellent health and be happy. It depends on the type of pet we have will have special needs, for example, if it is a dog we will have to go down to walk it at least three times a day to make its needs in the street and can exercise to feel more happy and relaxed back home

However, if the pet we have at home is a cat we should not worry about taking him out for a walk, since he will be able to do his needs>

Our cat, in addition, will require many other care, so we must buy the food that is necessary, always have a container with clean and fresh water and make sure we spend the time necessary to play with it and make it Feel loved and accepted at home.

Another very important factor for the care of our cat as advice is its personal area. As much as if you buy different utensils to play, your pet will always need a corner of the house where you can sleep and rest as you like. Think that this place should be enabled so that the cat feels comfortable and protected, especially in winter that the temperatures are lower. Cats are always attracted to heat, but we must also ensure that our cat is not going to be cold at home, otherwise it could catch cold and get sick.

Tips on how to protect your cat from the cold

The first thing we must do is find a suitable corner of the house to be the comfort zone of our cat. Remember that it must be a place that does not give the air flow, but that is not too hidden or away from where you will find the rest of the family members. Cats want their privacy, but they also don't want you to have them locked in a very remote room, far from everyone.

If the sun enters your dining room or living room during winter you could place the cat's bed near the sun's rays. Try not to get too much air flow, since otherwise it will be cold and you will not feel comfortable. If you get the rays on the bed, you will probably feel more at ease and, even though you think it will be sunstroke, the cat will react very well to the heat and will go perfectly against the cold so as not to get sick.

You can see that your pet is probably very close to electronic devices such as television, your computer or the washing machine. This is because these devices give off heat and during the winter your cat will be very cold, so snuggling in these places in the house will make your body stop being so cold and feel better.

It is very important as advice to protect your cat with his own blanket at home. Preferably it should be in your bed, but you can change it if you think your cat may be cold. The idea of ​​having a blanket is that the same pet can be covered and uncovered whenever it seems necessary to protect themselves from the cold and not get sick.

If you let your cat go outside you should protect make sure you have access to home whenever you need it. Most likely, he will spend more time inside the house during the winter, because he would rather be sleeping warmly than lying in the sun in the middle of the street, but you should keep in mind that you probably want to go out more than once. Therefore, it is essential that you do not have entrances to the home by the cat blocked, since it may be that it is cold and cannot access the house. So you will have to stay in the street under low temperatures and you can get sick.

Another tip to protect your cat from low temperatures is to have all the windows closed when you leave it alone and keep the room where it will be at a temperature where you can feel at ease. Being an animal does not mean that their body levels are totally different from ours and that they do not feel the cold and heat as we feel it. Therefore, we must think if we would like to meet in a room where all the windows are open in winter or if there is a lot of air flow.

We should not only do that the room has a good temperature so that the cat feels at ease and does not go cold in low temperatures, but also if we do not take good care of our pet it can get sick. Cats, like dogs and humans, can catch a cold and even catch the flu, so a cold shock could cause your cat to get sick and have to take the vet as soon as possible so he could give him the medication he needs. and improve your health status.

If your cat is a baby or has an advanced age you will have to go with much more care that they do not give air currents and that it does not go cold, since in these important moments of his life it is normal to take diseases more easily And may your life be in danger.

Thus, caring for a pet does not only imply that we give him food, water and have the place to make a clean belly, but we must also pay attention to his physical activity and play so that he is happy as well as taking care of his basic needs as long as he has the best health. That the cat is cold or hot can be clear indicators of a future ailment or disease, so we must always ensure that your bed is in the right place and protect our cat from low temperatures so that the body temperature of Our pet is always the right one.

Ensure a safe environment for your cat

If we want to know how to adapt our house to cats, the first thing we have to think about is their safety. For this, we must take into account the following aspects:

    If we live at a certain height all our windows must have mosquito nets to prevent the cat from falling. He met>


If we opt for this option we cancel the possibility that the balcony is enjoyed by our cat, you can not go outside and we will only offer to look outside from the inside, as if it were a large window.

The most practical way for swing doors is offered by roll-up mosquito nets. They must have the same characteristics as those exposed for the case of the windows: frame or side rail, fastening by screws, opening security system, and preferable the metallized fabric to that of fiberglass. The cheapest models in standard or kit sizes can be found in DIY centers and online sales sites. The price ranges between € 25 and € 50 but they use fiberglass. Some links: Link 1 Link 2

The sliding door mosquito nets They are another option if the access door is sliding, and in this case, everything is indicated for sliding windows, including safety stops. Prices between € 35 and € 45, cheap but fiberglass: Link

There are also sliding mosquito nets that incorporate rails for swing doors (photo)

The alternative of home removable protections , indicated for the case of windows, it is not a recommended option for doors from a practical point of view, especially in spring and summer because to enter and exit you must be putting on and taking off protection.


The terraces and balconies they are a superior attraction to a window for cats, a source of enjoyment and joy, so much that it is worth protecting them so that they can access them. It is also the right option for people, because we can have the door open quietly and enter and leave without fear of having our cat run out. If we add an access bag it will be the maximum comfort.

To protect we will use net, metal or wire mesh, plastic mesh or lattice (see about these materials in window protection).

The protection must go from the floor to the ceiling so that it is tightly closed, because if we protect only up to the railing, the cat will fall or jump outside. Nor is it useful to raise the height of the railing but leave a gap in the void, unless we do not have on the roof terrace where to hold the net but we can simulate it with some metal or wooden structure, or climb with fasteners or posts protection to a minimum of 2 meters high and make a 90º arc at the end (type 50cm wide horizontal roof)

Correct closing to the ceiling Correct enclosure, structure forming a false ceiling

Correct enclosure Correct enclosure

Correct enclosure 2 meters high and 9oº arc INCORRECT Enclosure

90º arch made of wire mesh, at a minimum height of 2m. The cat will climb the mesh but when it reaches the “roof” it goes back down. Squares have been used to form the arch

Idea to form corners

Fundamental too take care that there are no gaps in the sides, the roof or the floor, where the cat can get its head out and go outside (If the head enters the flexibility of the cats allows them to pass the rest of the body) so that the anchors or fixings (alcayatas) should be placed every 10cm in case of adults and every 5cm in case of puppies. If rigid rod (metal, wood, pvc) is used, the anchors can be every 30-40cm.

The materials can be purchased at low cost in DIY stores, online and there are also specialized companies who do the installation or sell kits (You can consult us and we will provide you with information about some of these professionals and their contact details, with special prices for adopters of SOS Felines).

If you choose the network and buy and place it yourself you must be careful, not all networks are strong enough to support both the weight if they climb through them and resist bites, within the options that as individuals we can buy the only option that we should consider safe is what we indicate in this link.

To give them access autonomy it is fantastic to put a cat. There are multiple models but you have to choose between those that prevent the passage of cold or heat inside the house. You also have to choose the right model depending on whether it will be put in wood or glass (doors and windows of one or another material) For € 10-15 you can get one.

1. Fresh water in the drinking fountain

Leave fresh and clean water at your disposal 24 hours a day. Check regularly that your cat has water in the drinking fountain and does not receive sun directly. A trick to keep the water fresh is to occasionally put an ice cube in the water container, but without passing us since some cats do not want to drink if the water is very cold. To stimulate the cat to drink water you can place more drinking fountains at home or even put a fountain for cats that has water in continuous motion.

2. Protect your cat from the sun

It is very important that the cat has a cool place and protected from the sun to rest, especially in the warmest hours of the day. This applies both to those who live indoors and to cats that have access to the outside. A cat locked in a terrace without shady areas where to take refuge and without having water available could suffer a heat stroke, exactly as if they had left it locked in a car.

3. Maintain a fresh environment in your home

The measures you use to create a fresh environment for you will also work well for your cat. You can keep the blinds down to prevent the sun from getting too high and use the air conditioner or a fan to lower the ambient temperature. In the latter case, make sure that the air does not reach the cat directly and that it has the possibility to depart if you want.

4. Rest in the hottest hours

In hot weather, cats become less active and do well. To protect them from excessive heat, one of the recommendations is to make sure that the cat does not exercise on the hottest days. In the warmest hours of the day avoid intense game sessions or the cat goes outside.

5. Create cool places for your cat

Many cats find the coolest places in the house to rest on their own, such as the bathtub or the sink. In addition to letting them take refuge in these places, you can prepare other cool spaces for the cat to spend the warmest hours of the day. For example, putting a hot water bottle full of fresh water (and even with some ice cubes) under your bed is an option. Another possibility is to buy a bed that favors heat dispersion, such as beds raised from the floor or those made of a breathable material.

7. Cut your cat's hair

If the cat has long hair, trimming it especially in the neck, armpits and belly could be another measure to help you control the temperature, but if the cat is scared by the noise of the razor it is preferable to resort to other measures to protect it from heat intense. In addition, it is not about cutting very short hair to the cat, but you should leave about 2-3 centimeters in length, since the hair partly protects from heat and sunburn.

8. Travel safe and fresh

If you travel with your cat, watch out for the temperature and ventilation of the car. It is best to travel in the coolest hours of the day, stop once in a while to give him a drink and make sure he is well. And, of course, never leave it locked in the parked car, even if you leave the car in the shade. In a few minutes you could suffer a heat stroke. This risk also exists when leaving the cat locked in a carrier or in a room without good ventilation.

10. Beware of heat stroke

If the temperature of the cat rises too high, you can realize thanks to a series of signs: the cat can get nervous, start panting, salivate excessively, become hot to the touch, shake, wobble, vomit and its gums can appear from a darker and more intense color than normal. In severe cases, the cat may faint and even die.

The essential accessories for cats

Within how to adapt the house for a cat we must also take into account the basic accessories that you will need, such as the following:

    Feeder and drinker, which should be easy to clean. We can put them in the kitchen or at some height, always looking for the wild>

It provides a rich environment>

To prevent our cat from getting fat or bored, if we talk about how to adapt the house for our cat it is essential that we take into account what is known as environmental enrichment, which consists of offering an environment where the cat can perform physical and intellectual activity to avoid problems of overweight or stress. Some ideas to achieve this environment are the following:

  • We can find for sale one great variety of toys or even make them ourselves. Those that can be filled with food are interesting, so that the cat has to manipulate them to leave. It is also important that we spend a few minutes each day playing with him.
  • Offer them different places to hide or explore is essential. We are offered the possibility of resorting to boxes, drawers or igloo beds.
  • Cats love heights so it is essential that we offer the possibility of climbing, for what we can use scrapers of different heights, furniture or shelves arranged as a circuit by the wall.
  • Some cats love the catnip. It is possible to give it directly or through toys flavored with it.
  • Finally, if our cat has adaptation difficulties, it is highly recommended to consult with an expert.

A poor or not enriched environment can cause the animal to get bored or stressed, which triggers unwanted behaviors such as scratching furniture or throwing objects on the floor. For this reason, when we prepare a house for a cat, we must also keep in mind that it is an animal that is very susceptible to changes, so any modification in its routine or in the environment must be done progressively. Also, if despite enjoying an enriched environment the cat scratches the furniture, we advise you to check your nails or use synthetic pheromones. For more details, do not miss our article "Tricks so that your cat does not scratch the furniture."

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