How to bathe my dog


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I would like to know how long I should wait to bathe my dog ​​after I had her puppies.

I also want to know if it is advisable to give the puppies another kind of milk apart from what their mother gives them, what type of milk it would be and after how long after birth.

Finally, I wonder when I should deworm the puppies and the dog, considering that she is still breastfeeding.


The longer you wait to bathe the dog after delivery, the better. He lets at least a week go by, but he thinks that after bathing it, he will quickly get dirty again, continue to have vaginal losses, and pups sucking constantly.

If your dog is in good health and the number of puppies is not excessive, it is not necessary to supplement the puppies, until they have four to six weeks (which will already be with growth porridge).

If you did not deworm the mother just before or during pregnancy, I would recommend that you dewormer already within fifteen days of life, you can do so with countless products, for example that they carry mebendazole, fenbendazole, praziquantel, etc.

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You have to have everything ready before you start

Many people may think that in nature animals do not bathe or cut their hair and that is why it is not necessary to do so with our pets, nothing is further from reality. Although some of our animals retain the ancestral characteristics of the first dogs, similar to the wolf, most of us have selected them in such a way, that if we do something they would become a bunch of tangled and dirty hairs without any chance of survival, so Less for themselves.

The wolves in the wild maintain hygiene thanks to the continuous renewal of their hair since they live in a clean environment, if anyone has any doubts, it is only necessary to compare the dogs of the field with those of the city and you can see how of the city are much dirtier.

The rain, the rivers, the licking of them or their companions do the rest, a bad coat or a badly maintained hair does not perform the function of protection for the skin, prevent the external environment, rain, cold, wind, sun, impact directly in the body of the animal causing loss or increase of temperature and also favors that we have internal losses to the outside, dehydration especially.

So what we have to look for is that our pet's fur is not only clean but we must look for it to fulfill the functions mentioned above, this is achieved by brushing and cutting hair.

We have different types of hair: the German shepherd types, it is not necessary to cut the hair at all, the poodle type, their hair growth is continuous and they need to be cut from time to time and the doberman type, short hair impossible to cut. There are others that are intermediate, cockers, Maltese yorquis, komondors. each one with its characteristics and that when bathing and cutting, above all, we must take into account.

As a general rule, dogs should bathe whenever they need it, that is, when they are dirty, and they should bathe with appropriate products, depending on their age and fur. It is true that we can find a universal shampoo for everyone, as we can have it at home for the whole family, but the specific one will always be better for us.

There are different types of situations and I think it is worth explaining:

The first baths for our pet can be fundamental for the rest of his life, so go very carefully and see that the experience is as positive as possible, do not force situations and stop if you see that he becomes very nervous, we always recommend starting with one leg and plug in the dryer before it is wet to see your answers.

We can have a very dirty dog, because he lives in a workshop, he has gotten into a mess,. In these cases we need a soap that cleans a lot, to say somehow we could use the "mistol" or the "fairy" on duty. This type of soaps clean the hair very well and if its use is sporadic, we do not have to be afraid to use it.

For frequent washing, it can be even diaro, we have to look for soaps with little degreasing effect and that take products that take care of the hair, it is this type of shampoos that we recommend most, not to use them every day they cause damage, or someone believes that washing The head every day the hair is worse.

For problems with parasites, formerly all dog shampoos had this characteristic, they had a product or more with antiparastary capacity, the owners took advantage of the dog's bath to end up with fleas and ticks. These products have very little effect against these parasites, in the beginning they may be killed but they do not have a very long-lasting effect in time and within a few days we already have fleas and ticks dancing again for the dog. Today they are only used in large infestations and are complemented with other products such as pipettes, sprays and necklaces. We also have to be careful in their frequent use since they pollute the environment and us a lot when bathing them.

For specific dermatological problems there are specific shampoos, most of them do not remove any crap and on many occasions we must use them after a normal shampoo and especially read the instructions for use very well.

Many owners ask us if they can bathe the puppies and from here we say yes, without any problem, whenever a suitable shampoo is used, nobody would think of bathing a baby with a fairy, it is not necessary to wait for that has all the vaccines and can be done from the moment they drop the navel, more than anything to not soften it.

Bitches in heat can bathe, it may seem obvious to someone but this tradition comes from afar, some women still follow it, small customs.

Newly born dogs can bathe, it is not necessary to endure the dog battered in blood and placentas, we return to urban legends without any background, some may think that then the mother does not recognize the puppies and that she will reject them, we must remember that What we are doing is maintaining minimal hygiene does not prepare the dog for a beauty pageant.

In the video that I show you comes the steps to follow during the bath, it is worth following them in that way and above all see the use they make of the "rinse" shampoo, instead of putting it directly from the bottle to the coat, first dilute it in A boat so that we can have the same concentration throughout the body, but what happens to us very often is that we have a lot of shampoo in one area and almost nothing in another. Another very important part is the drying, the better drying and brushing, the less smell it will do, we can also let them dry in the sun, but the best is the dryer.

There is part of the hygiene that we will treat another day such as nail cutting, cleaning of eyes and ears, but remember that it is always important to look carefully at all these structures since they are often a source of problems and must be corrected by taking advantage of the bathroom.

Features of a newly even bitch>

In the first 48 hours after delivery, our dog will be exhausted, physically and mentally, as happens to human women. We find a dog with little or almost no appetite, no energy, who just wants to sleep. The birth stresses them a lot and they only need to rest since the first hours have 6 or 8 puppies on their breasts 20 hours a day.

Your recovery will be naturally and spontaneously, but in some cases, especially in the first ones, it can take up to 1 week. But there are certain cares that we have to take into account before bathing. We do not recommend bathing before the postpartum week, since we don't want to add another stress to her mother's life and, what is even worse, the puppies will continue to get dirty. You will continue to have vaginal discharges for 1 week until 10 days after delivery.

What we can do is clean it with damp cloths With warm water. This will encourage her, since nobody likes to be dirty and smelly and, we will not take risks with the little ones, who as they still cannot see, many times, until they find the tit, they suck anywhere and we can poison them with the soap we use For our dog. You can also use a wet wipe.

We have other issues to deal with before giving our hairy mom a bath. We will detail them in the following sections in order to have a convalescence of the female as brief as possible.


Although it is always convenient to help a dog to take care of her puppies if she is very weak or seems exhausted, the truth is that the mother will take care of almost everything when it comes to the puppies, we will only take care of her. We said at the beginning that he may be unaware of the first few days, but we cannot allow him not to eat. Puppies will be sucking all the nutrients they inhabit, so you must have reserves for it.

We can choose a I think for puppies, which is a very caloric and nutritious food for these stages of life. In general, we will need a food with many proteins, issue to consider if we choose homemade food. They should lead the meat over carbohydrates (rice as an example), at the time of making the diet.

He feeder must always be full, so you can eat at any time you want, and the puppies will allow it. You shouldn't be far from where she sleeps with the little ones. The same goes for water. You have already lost a lot of fluid during childbirth and now, breastfeeding the little ones, we don't want you to become dehydrated. If we see that neither of them does not come down, do not eat or drink, they will have to enter the paridera with her and force her. Sometimes, they dedicate themselves exclusively to puppies and forget themselves.

Avoid breast damage

The breasts should be under our care too, especially for 2 reasons: for the health of the female and for the health of the puppies. We must ensure that they are properly fed, that they have enough milk and that they do not abuse 1 single tit, leaving it almost dry and in pain.

The breasts can get sick, causing mastitis and a lot of pain to the mother, so it will separate the puppies, preventing them from eating. It can happen in 1 or more breasts and the main sign will be the appearance of fever or high temperatures in the area. We should consult with our veterinarian whenever we observe these symptoms to apply a rapid treatment.

Also, during the month of life of the puppies, the milk teeth appear, and with them, the nipple lesions of the bitch. There are mothers who separate them to those who can already eat for themselves but in cases that do not, we must be attentive and separate them.

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How to clean your newly born bitch

Not being able to bathe your dog after delivery It does not mean that we cannot clean it to end bad smells.

The grooming of our dog after delivery must be mandatory. Otherwise it could lead to health problems.

When cleaning your dog, the best option is water cloths. Apply damp cloths or wipes It will allow you to reduce odors and clean the dirt generated after delivery.

At the time of applying this care to your dog, avoid the use of soaps. As the puppies do not see at birth, they could end up sucking the soap and generating problems.

When can you bathe your newly born bitch

Once they have passed 3 weeks after delivery it is time to bathe back to your dog

During this period of time you will have managed to rest and stabilize. In addition, the puppies will already start eating by themselves and nor they will need their mother's care continuously.

Note that after the bath you will have to dry it and brush it correctly before he returns with his puppies. Nor can you apply deodorants or colonies in case it could affect your babies.