How often dogs are in heat


Female dogs have one or two jealousy a year, which last about three weeks and must be regular

  • Publication date: January 30, 2012

The zeal is the reflection of the sexual activity of the females, which mature before the males. They usually have the first heat between six and nine months of age, although it depends on each race. In general, the largest have the first heat later. If at 18 months of age the dog has not had her first heat, the veterinarian must be consulted to find out the causes.

The first heat occurs at puberty and if it is delayed, it may be due to several factors such as: environmental conditions, the presence of other females or the intake of certain medications. The dog has between one and two jealousy a year, which are also called estros and that, in principle, should be regular.

If the jealousy, which lasts about 15 days, appears every four months, or less, the dog may have some kind of problem in her reproductive system. If the heat lasts more than 21 days it is advisable to go to the veterinarian. Between two and six years of age, females are generally constant in the duration of their cycle and in their intervals. Already after seven years of age, which is when the optimal reproductive age ends, there may be changes in the regularity of the "ovarian cycle."

The zeal and behavior

Every time the dog has the zeal, a Behavior change in the animal, as well as certain physical symptoms: increase in the size of the genital area and the typical hemorrhages, which are more abundant in the first days of the cycle.

He oestrus It consists of two phases: the first in which the dog has blood losses , the inflamed vulva and attracts males with its smell, but rejects them. And the second phase, in which blood losses are less abundant, the vulva is more inflamed and the dog accepts mating with the males.

On the other hand, it is not true that bitches have to breed at least once in a lifetime. If a dog never gets pregnant, it doesn't affect her health. And is that the dog has no physical need to mate.


If the female is not sterilized, it is easy for an accident to occur and become pregnant. Then there will come a litter of puppies , which can be numerous. And placing six dogs is not easy, if you want the animals to go to homes where they are taken care of responsibly. The shelters are full of unwanted litters, so you have to take it seriously not to leave random situations that we cannot take care of.

An animal is the responsibility of the owner and he must seek his welfare. With sterilization, in addition to avoiding unwanted pregnancies , diseases are prevented in the female such as: ovarian cysts, breast tumors or psychological pregnancies. As for drugs to prevent heat, they have side effects, so the most recommended option is sterilization.

Pheromones that seduce

Some substances that greatly influence the courtship and mating of dogs are pheromones. These are chemicals that are produced in the glands that are in the breasts, around the anus or in the animal's ears.

If a dog never gets pregnant, it does not affect her health at all, nor does she have a physical need to do so.

These substances of attractive smell For dogs they are also present in their saliva, urine, feces and vaginal discharge. Pheromones are much more than a simple smell, it is a information media It transmits data to dogs such as: their emotional state or the hierarchical position and sexual disposition of their carrier.

The dog is not only able to capture the olfactory pheromones of its peers and obtain information, very valuable about them, but it is also capable of doing so with the smell that people give off.

Estrus is the period in which females are receptive to be courted. During the three weeks that lasts, the dog's body generates the attractive pheromones, which alert her sexual predisposition to the males Keep in mind that females are selective with their potential partners.

Drugs to avoid heat have side effects, so the most recommended option is sterilization

For example, it may be the case that a female rejects a candidate who does not belong to the same race. The dog will be much more receptive to sexual contact towards the end of the oestrus, around day 15, that is when the dog will be willing to mate.

The female is not the most active part of the couple at the time of courtship . It is the male who takes the initiative in this regard and the female will accept it if she is at the moment of the most receptive zeal, at the end of the oestrus. When the dog is not in heat, she does not accept contact with the male, whom she will refuse.

The case of males

Dogs get into heat when they capture the pheromones or odorous particles that a female gives off in heat. For a dog this perfume is intoxicating and is what produces the male chases to females in heat. They get very nervous and excited, they sniff continuously and some can star in getaways in search of the owner of such a captivating smell.

How much do dogs have zeal for the first time?

The little girls may be jealous soon, around six months old. I know, they are still very young, and in fact it is not recommended that they become pregnant until they reach the year, since their body has not yet fully developed. Even so, you should know that it may take more or less depending on the race, the genetic inheritance, the very environment in which you live, and of course the season of the year in which you are, since they normally enter into heat in The warm months of the year.

Can anything be done to prevent them from being zealous?

Of course: sterilize them. With the sterilization the reproductive glands are removed, so that they avoid having the zeal and offspring.

The most recommended age to operate them is around 6-8 months females and 8-10 months males.

The zeal is a stage that, taking into account the amount of stray and abandoned dogs that exist, it is very advisable to avoid them.