Training, where do I start?


The yorkshire are possibly one of the most popular and demanded breeds at the moment. The reason for this is because they are small dogs of tender appearance, however, they are very active and energetic dogs, which can exasperate you if you do not educate them properly. For this reason, today we give you some tricks to get started in the training of your yorkshire.

Elements you should keep in mind

  • No different races are trained. Dogs receive similar training regardless of whether they are large, small, short or long hair, etc. This is a myth to start banishing. Absolutely all dogs need the same training bases, which are obedience, submission, socialization and entertainment. What should be kept in mind are the characteristics of the staff>

Specific aspects in your education

The yorkshire are recognized for being very playful, therefore, you should make the most of the moments when you pay attention, as they tend to be easily distracted. It is common to hear dog sitters of this breed refer to them as indomitable, however, this is not true. They will simply require patience and many repetitions.

Further, its appearance and naivety can make you soften when you reprimand it, but this is a serious mistake that many small dog owners make. Through coexistence, dogs learn to recognize the weaknesses of their owners, therefore they find it increasingly easy to manipulate situations for their convenience, for example, to receive sweets or to ask for food or to be free from being reprimanded, among other cases. Therefore, we recommend that you be firm, because in this way you will obtain lasting results within your education process. Keep in mind that your dog will grow and it is not easy to live with pets that have developed bad habits.

Being very territorial, one of the main problems with this breed are the Missions in inappropriate places. You must teach him, through an assertive stance before him, that you are the alpha or the leader, therefore, he will not need to establish a territory within your home. The best thing to avoid urinating or defecating where you should not regulate a feeding schedule, as well as to designate a site that is accessible to where you can make your needs in case you want to enter outside the schedule of walks.

They also need a lot of physical activity, since they are incredibly energetic dogs. By keeping him busy and, especially, tired, you will prevent him from developing personality disorders, such as destructive habits or excessive barking.

Likewise, with this breed Positive reinforcement works best. Reward him when he works well or when he does what you say. This will make you understand what attitudes you approve and will make training much easier.

For this dog The best reward is the affective one. This will also help you establish a bond with him because, due to their independence, they tend to become distrustful if physical contact is not established with them.

It is suggested to start training dogs once weaning occurs. It is better when this occurs in early stages, because It is always better to educate than to correct.

How to educate or train a Yorkshire Terrier

By instinct, but also by nature, animals grow and develop following some patterns that are inherited from generation to generation. Everyone knows that, in the case of lions, for example, they are organized in herds in a structural and hierarchical way for group life. This structure is based on the abilities and strengths of each individual, allowing the dominant male to become the head of the pack.

Something similar must happen during the training of the Yorkshire Terrier. Our dog must respect and obey us as if we were the boss or the boss of his pack. For this, it is important to maintain consistency and consistency at all times. What does this mean? Whenever you adopt inappropriate behavior, we must make you understand that it is prohibited. Otherwise, we can create serious confusion that would lead to disobedience. As you can imagine, a dog's bad attitudes are, in most cases, the responsibility of their owners.

And, what they say about what dogs resemble their owners is no lie. Those people who are characterized by a nervous character, will certainly spread it to their yorkie. The same will happen if it is a calm and balanced or cheerful and active person.

To lie down

When you have learned to be still, make him sit down and kneel beside him. Take it by the collar and show it a reward on the other hand, bring it close to the snout and lower it while pulling forward to force your dog to lie down. When you are going down, give the order. Accompany him until he is lying flat and give him his reward.

Communication between the master and the Yorkshire Terrier

As you know, dogs can boast their great visual acuity. Although they do not perceive all the colors perceptible to the human eye, they are able to perceive movements and objects in the dark much more accurately than people. On the other hand, ear and smell They are other senses that have specially developed.

During the process of Yorkshire Terrier trainingIt is important to pay attention not only to the dynamics of education and learning, but also to the responses and reactions of the dog. As we mentioned, it is essential to establish a proper connection between the animal and the owner or owner.

A good way to educate our Yorkshire Terrier It is learning by association. What does this mean exactly? It's simple! Whenever he behaves well, he will be rewarded with a word and gesture of approval, in addition to a caress, show of affection or reward (toy, food, snack ...). Otherwise, if your reaction has been negative, dedicating a scolding will be enough.

Keep in mind that in order for the dog to understand assimilation and not feel disoriented, both the prize - in the case of positive attitudes - and the scolding - in the case of negative attitudes - must be carried out immediately. It makes no sense to scold our little one for something he did two hours ago because he won't understand

The importance of words

Yorkies can come to understand, from repetitions, the meaning of some words (continuing with the association learning). However, it is essential that these orders are simple, from a few words, always repeated with the same tone of voice and order. Getting to overwhelm our dog with very complex orders or too many words will only contribute to his confusion.

A good way to start with the Yorkshire Terrier training It is through "no" or "very good." From here, you can enrich the vocabulary of orders, as long as we limit them to a small number of words.

The best moments for the Yorkshire Terrier training

To settle the new knowledge acquired, we must ensure that We choose the most appropriate time. If not, all the effort made during the training will be useless.

So what is the best time to educate a yorkshire terrier? According to experts, dogs pay more attention to stimuli after long days of activity or play, after eating or just awakened from a nap. These are precisely the best times to teach them how to pee or their needs wherever we have stipulated, especially in the case of puppies that cannot go outside.

Yorkshire Terrier puppy training

At the time of carrying out the Yorkshire Terrier puppy trainingIt is important to pay attention to the behaviors that they have during their first months of life. The different stages of growth and development, such as the moment when the teeth come out, are key moments in this regard.

And, if your yorkie has not been properly educated, it is very likely to bite furniture, doors or slippers to alleviate those discomforts that may appear during this stage.

The same happens if we provide you with an old shoe to bite, entertain and have fun. You will understand that it is a game and cannot discriminate the situation when you bump into a new shoe which you won't like to be torn apart by your bites. Instead, we must replace it with a special toy for small dogs.

If something we have to be clear from the beginning, is that since childhood we cannot allow everything that we do not want them to do as adults. However difficult it may be to succumb to the charm of these little ones, we must be strong and consistent with our decisions.

What do I do if my Yorkshire does not obey?

Many situations of disobedience occur precisely because we are used to scolding our dog time after they have done a bad deed.

Another important reason that can trigger this attitude in our Yorkshire Terrier, may be the link between his name and the quarrel. That is, it happens when we call him to punish him. This should not happen under any circumstances, since the dog will associate his own name to the quarrel or the punishment and he will not obey us in other situations when we call him or claim his attention.

Not accustoming our yorkis from puppies to being manipulated, neat or groomed can also lead to problems in the future. Hence we should habituate it to different stimuli from the first months of life, as in the case of brushing the hair or cleaning the teeth.

The yorkshire terrier temperament

Some varieties of yorkshire do not weigh even 1 kilo in adulthood, but despite this they are always characterized by having a marked and genuine temperament, of which we can highlight the following features:

  • It is a dog full of energy that manifests by jumping, barking, continuously stirring. etc. The owner should help channel this energy productively to avoid having a hysterical and anxious dog.
  • Its nature is neither submissive nor obedient, since it has a strong territorial instinct.
  • It is a truly intelligent dog that has excellent memory, so you can learn quickly.
  • It is sweet and affectionate, it is even considered as a prototype of a lapdog, however, it is also very demanding with its owner, needing its contact and its presence very continuously.
  • His extraordinary auditory system makes him one of the best watchdogs, as does many small breeds.
  • It is a homely and familiar dog, so much so that it clearly perceives any change in routine, despite this it must be recognized that it is not a patient dog with children.
  • The yorkshire needs toys, since he loves to play and his nature is very happy.
  • It gets along well with other pets, as long as guidelines for living together are established.
  • His character can be easily balanced, however, for this he needs daily walks.

As we see his temper is very marked, while adorable, but this requires that we know how to educate a yorkshire correctly.

The yorkshire is a dog, not a small child

One of the main problems we encountered when talking about yorkshire terrier training It is precisely its sweetness, affection and its truly adorable expression, which together with its tiny size, make this dog an ideal pet to pamper and pamper.

Many of the behavioral problems of this breed are given by the attitude of the owners, who treat their pets as if they were small children, when they are dogs that we harm on numerous occasions by wanting to humanize them.

In order to discipline a yorkshire terrier and stand firm before his adorable expression, we must be clear about the following:

  • It is a capricious dog, so to educate it is necessary not to consent.
  • We should not pamper him excessively, he needs affection, but not as much as a baby may need.
  • We should not give in to him when he simply asks us for love, but we must give it to him when he deserves it.

Due to the characteristics of yorkshire, fulfilling these premises can be difficult, but it is absolutely necessary.

Positive reinforcement

All dogs need to learn through positive reinforcement, which we could summarize as follows: not scold for mistakes and reward for successes.

The positive reinforcement is to reward our dog by petting, affectionate words or dog treats (or all these stimuli in parallel) when he has executed an order properly.

On the contrary, for educate a yorkshire, you should not hit him (obviously) and you should not shout at him, since this will place him in a state of stress and anxiety that will not allow him a good learning.

What is of great importance is that you show yourself as an owner who is not willing to give in, who is able to dominate the situation and who will maintain his position. For example, if you want your pet not to get on the couch, do not let him perform this action under any circumstances, if one day you allow him to exceed that limit, it is very likely that he will do it again even if you do not consent.

Remember, with a yorkshire it is of great importance to clearly mark the boundaries and not give in once they have been established.

Walking to the yorkshire

To start your pet on their daily walks it is important that you accustom it progressively, in this way you can fully enjoy the walks, as you will achieve educate yorkshire.

First you should get used to the use of the necklace, placing it from the early stages so that you can feel comfortable with it, and only when you have become accustomed to noticing the necklace, we will proceed to place the strap and take it out for a walk.

Let the dog move freely with the leash so that he experiences the sensation, then you must show him the basic command "come".

To avoid unwanted pulls during the walk, it is important that you teach him to walk by your side, so you should keep his head close to your leg.

Avoid dangerous ingestion

It's very important train your yorkshire to avoid any accidental ingestion that could be harmful to him, since they are very active and energetic dogs, which in their eagerness to discover their surroundings can damage many objects, or worse, damage themselves.

To do this you must work with edible prizes, which you will leave on the ground to teach the order "leave it", in this way the dog will learn to keep distance with the possible objects that could be found.

Never stop working with your yorkshire

We believe that the yorkshire education It is a process that takes place only during the puppy stage, but you must also be reinforcing their behavior during the adult stage, in order to maintain the balance of their temperament.

The yorkshire is a very familiar dog, so if you are willing to host one of them we recommend that you inform yourself as much as possible about separation anxiety, and finally we complement all the information we have provided you with several training tricks canine.

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