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Keeping them healthy and protected from any external aggression is part of the tasks of any responsible owner. Something in which dog antiparasitics they are not, by far, a complement but fundamentally a necessity. One way to make our animal shielded against those insects and pests that can affect not only their well-being but, above all, their health. A good reason why, when choosing antiparasitic for dogs, we do it without hurry and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each other.

While it is true that many times we remember this prophylaxis when the good weather approaches, we have to contemplate that dog dewormers have to be part of their year-round routine. Although we can believe that winter is a natural shield for our animals, the truth is that there are a good number of insects that can survive the cold and, therefore, be willing to compromise the health of our dog.

For this reason, and let's opt for the type of dog antiparasitic we choose, we have to carry a regular check of its applications, uses and expiration dates so that our pet is protected at all times without losing sight of one aspect: the importance of antiparasitics in spring and summer, the two most committed moments of the year.


Before opting for one of the many types of antiparasitic for dogs, it is important to know exactly what we have to protect. In this way and according to even where we live, we can choose the most suitable antiparasitic for the habitat in which our animal is going to develop.

The two most common pests at almost any point of our latitude are fleas and ticks. Two annoying insects that, beyond the uncomfortable stinging they can cause, can even be dangerous for both the dog and us.

On the one hand, fleas are one of the insects that more allergic reactions causes both in animals and in humans, so controlling them from the beginning is key to avoiding some of their side effects: hair loss, infection from aggravating bites and even fever. Added to these ailments is another that, in addition, will impact our home: The reproduction capacity of fleas is very high, so if you do not control their presence in our dog, the simplest thing is that we all end up, animals and humans, being carriers of these uncomfortable insects.

Ticks deserve a separate chapter. And we say this because the damage they cause, both in animals and in people, is even greater than in the case of fleas. They are responsible for transmitting the Lyme's desease: an infection that can even compromise our life or that of the animal. A good reason for our dog to have protection against them not only in summer, but throughout the year.

Linked to hot months or warmer climates during winter, we will also have to protect our dog from a more annoying mosquito: the cause of the leishmaniasis. Although its bite is only active when the thermometer rises, it is not to be taken lightly its effects on the health of our animal since the bite of the transmitting mosquito infects with a parasite that is impossible to eradicate. One that, although it can be treated and improve the quality of life of our dog, will always be part of your body. And as prevention is better than cure, the ideal is that we avoid infecting our dog by ensuring their welfare and using dog dewormers.

Finally and in addition to external aggressions, we will have to contemplate fighting against internal parasites. Some that are, fundamentally, of intestinal character and that we will have to palliate with regular deworming every three months if we want to take care of their health but, also, that of the human members of our family.


After knowing the threats to which our dog is exposed, it is easier to become aware when choosing antiparasitic for dogs. Knowing our enemies will help us choose the right proposal for him, and this is where the question arises: which of all the antiparasitic formats do we choose?

A question to which we can answer, knowing the advantages and disadvantages offered by the different types of antiparasitic for dogs without losing sight of an important aspect: we will always have to adapt the type of antiparasitic to the characteristics of age and weight of our pet.

But before getting to know each of them, nothing like seeing these quick tips from our partner Yolanda. A way of knowing, also, the best way to apply each of them.

Discover the details, let's see the pros and cons of each type of dog antiparasitic.

Complete protection in a single antiparasitic for dogs. Discover the Scalibor necklace in our Verdecora online store

If we search full protection against threats and external parasites and we are little disciplined we will have to opt for a collar. It is in this format where we will find an answer to fight fleas, ticks and mosquito leishmania jointly and in a single solution. The duration of its effectiveness is slightly longer than in the case of pipettes, usually last up to six months, and also has an important advantage now that good weather is approaching: it can get wet without losing protection effectiveness.

A solution for dogs that do not tolerate collars. Buy this dog antiparasitic online here

Although collars are often our first choice, not all dogs tolerate them well. If so, ours, we can also opt for pipettes that include the same coverage spectrum as a necklace and that will only require us to handle the calendar with care: its effectiveness time is less, between three and four months. Something that forces us to be pending to re-administer a new dose when that expiration of its effect is approaching. The best way to make our dog always protected.

Before a flea infection, nothing like a shock treatment. Know the characteristics of this product here

If we have become confused with the times of dog antiparasitics, it is more than possible that our dog has become a carrier of one of the first insects willing to invade him: fleas. If so, we can use shock treatments that allow us to eliminate their presence in the animal in just 24 hours. A starting point to resume the good habit of using the antiparasitic for dogs that we like and keep it safe from any new visitor who wants to disturb you.

Finally, a tip: never rush protection of an antiparasitic for dogs. Its duration is not an exact science and depends, to a large extent, on the habits of our animal, so, if instead of renewing it after the deadline set by each manufacturer we do it before, the health of our dog we will appreciate.

And you, what kind of dog antiparasitic do you use with yours? Tell us!

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- Parasites against which the antiparasitic protects:

No product protects against all parasites. For this reason, the c is recommendedombination of various antiparasitic drugs in order to keep your dog or cat protected to the maximum. For example: if you use an antiparasitic collar that protects against fleas, ticks and leishmaniasis, it is advisable to also use an internal antiparasitic pipette type. Always, check with your veterinarian before not to cause your pet any allergies or possible complications.

- Age and weight of your pet:

As a general rule, It is not recommended to use an antiparasitic in puppies under 7 weeks of age or in cats under 8-9 weeks. Even so, we recommend that you look carefully at the product leaflet or consult your veterinarian to make sure. In the case of pipettes and antiparasitic tablets, the Your pet's weight is one of the most important factors. The dose given to your dog or cat depends on the kilos it weighs. If you are going to buy a collar, consider the sizes depending on whether your pet is large, medium or small.

- Beaphar Antiparasitic Natural Dog:

The Beaphar antiparasitic tablets They are 100% natural and protect against intestinal parasites or, in case your dog already has them, they help expel them and maintain good digestive health. They are Ideal for dogs that have previously presented some type of allergy to products with chemical compounds.

- Advocate Spot On Cat Pipettes:

With Bayer's guarantee, the Advocate pipettes They protect both internal and external parasites. Specifically, they are effective against fleas, heartworms, ear mites and intestinal nematodes. They are an ideal option for their ease of application and versatility.

- Scalibor Dog Antiparasitic Collar:

He scalibor necklace protects against mosquitoes and ticks for 6 months, and also against the phlebotome of leishmaniasis for 4 months. It can be used both in dogs and puppies from 7 weeks of age, as well as in females during pregnancy or lactation. One of the most complete and economical.

- Seresto Antiparasitic Collar for dogs or cats:

Effective against fleas and ticks that stands out for its durability. Thanks to its broadcast system, the seresto necklace With one application your dog will be protected for up to 8 months. It cannot be used in pregnant or lactating animals. It is guaranteed by Bayer and is water resistant.

- Advantix Antiparasitic Pipettes for dogs:

By applying a pipette a month, your dog will be protected from ticks, fleas, phlebotomes, mosquitoes and the stable fly. In the case of fleas and ticks, it not only repels them, it also eliminates them. The Advantix pipettes It cannot be used in puppies under 7 weeks of age. It has the guarantee of Bayer.

- Fiprotec Pipettes for dogs and cats:

Each pipette protects against fleas and ticks for a month. They are very economical and you have the possibility of combining it with an Environmental Insecticide Sprayer to also keep your home environment clean.

In the case of allergies

Although it is not usual, some antiparasitic agents can produce some kind of allergy in sensitive dogs and cats. For this reason, it is recommended stay tuned after applicationn. In the case of pipettes, we recommend applying a little product to a small area of ​​the body and see if it undergoes any type of allergic reaction.

And you, what antiparasitic do you use? Tell us your experience!

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